We ask a lot from our horses, and even day to day activities can result in neck, back or muscular pain.

These types of injuries often manifest as unwanted behaviours or a drop in performance. If your horse is displaying any of the following symptoms he may benefit from physiotherapy:

  • Napping, bucking or rearing
  • Difficulty establishing the correct canter lead, collection or extension
  • Reluctance to engage
  • Toe dragging
  • Resistance to mounting or “cold backed”
  • Unexplained changes in behaviour, such as biting or kicking
  • Sensitivity when groomed
  • Difficulty jumping, knocking poles or refusing

Regular physiotherapy check-ups can also help to identify and resolve minor issues and asymmetries before they become a bigger problem. 

What to Expect

During an appointment a thorough case history will be taken, followed by a full static and dynamic assessment. A tailored treatment plan will then be put together, which may include massage, stretching, electro-therapies and home exercises.

Will you contact my vet?

Yes. By law all animal physiotherapist must work under veterinary referral. This is in the best interests of your animal, and allows me to work closely alongside your vet to ensure the best possible treatment for your horse.